Humanist Activism & Organization

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 The Humanist Activism and Organization courses offer an overview of how the modern humanist movement came to be and how it is organized today. These courses also discuss the connection between humanist values and human rights.

Humanism is a rational, scientific worldview that traces its heritage to the philosophers of antiquity. Greek, Roman, Chinese, and Indian philosophers initiated this tradition by seeking to understand nature and human values through observation and reason. They insisted that ethics could be derived from natural, rather than divine, principles.

Humanism is also a positive worldview defined by more than its rejection of theistic religion and autocratic government. Defense against the imposition of religion may be a valid activity for humanists, but humanist activism — the application of humanist ethics — can, and should, encompass much more. Humanists seek to positively influence the progress of humanity in all spheres of life; to do so, we must emphasize the positive aspects of this lifestance.

There are currently two parts in this series.