The Right to Die

The Right to Die – also commonly known as Death with Dignity – refers to the legal right to determine the circumstances of one’s own death. Questions about the details of those circumstances are a matter of debate, such as whether the individual must be medically diagnosed as terminally ill or a third party is allowed to provide assistance.  When a physician provides assistance, it is known as medical aid in dying or physician-assisted death.  Also a matter of debate is the terminology, such as whether hastening one’s death should be considered suicide, and what exactly suicide is.

This course is an overview of the Right to Die.  It briefly presents a few of the historical highlights and key figures in the movement.  Common religious and secular objections are discussed, along with possible responses to those objections.

The purpose of this course is to present factual information about a sensitive controversial topic.  It does not presume to judge anyone’s religious beliefs and it does not align with a particular political ideology.

by Kevin Bradley

Kevin Bradley is a writer, speaker, and counselor specializing in holistic stress management.  He is on the Board of Directors and Speakers Bureau for Final Exit Network and was a co-founder of Interfaith Clergy for End-of-Life Options, a chapter of Compassion & Choices Minnesota. 

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