Humanist Family Life Ceremonies

This course on family life ceremonies offers purpose, process, and a humanist framework for family rituals and celebrations. In this course, you will find the following:

  • Introduction to Family Life Ceremonies
  • Laying Groundwork For Authenticity & Peace
  • Infusing Daily Practices With Humanist Values
  • Celebrating “The Spiral of Life” Occasions
  • Unique Milestone Celebrations
  • Embedding Humanist Values in Your Calendar
  • Embedding Nature-Based Values in Your Calendar
  • A Humanist Guide to Popular Cultural Holidays
  • Conclusion & Farewell

Anne Klaeysen is the retired Leader Emerita of the New York Society for Ethical Culture and former Humanist Chaplain on the campuses of Columbia University and New York University. She is the co-chair of The Encampment for Citizenship, the Vice President of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, a board member for Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools, and a member of the American Humanist Association Education Advisory Committee. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Hebrew Union College and masters degrees in German from SUNY Albany and business administration from NYU.

Audrey Kindred directs programming for children, youth, and families at the New York Society for Ethical Culture (as known as ETHICAL NYC). As an educator, community organizer, writer & artist, dancer & yogi, she has designed, administered and taught diverse curricula and practices in creativity, movement, nature exploration, writing, and ethics for a few decades, through a range of programs and organizations including: Trilok School, Bent on Learning, The Quad Manhattan, All Sports for All People, Movement Research, School of New Resources, StreetCry Inc. etc. Kindred has taught adults and children of all ages and diverse needs, in explorations of ethics and arts, involving social justice, global visions, humanity, literacy, social studies, and nature studies.

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