Humanist Studies Program

The AHA Center for Education Humanist Studies Program (HSP) is a unique graduate-level experience where individuals are engaged to build competencies and skills in the pursuit of acquiring a broader, deeper knowledge of Humanism. Our courses provide an educational environment that supports a collaborative community inclusive of all humanist perspectives, ranging from secular to religious, and enhances one’s ability to reach individual aspirations.

Humanism Course I
The Nature of Being

This course explores such questions as “What is the nature of being? What does it mean to be? What does it mean to be conscious? To be alive? What does the interaction of being and things mean? Are there beings and things? How are they, or are they, different…” through the lens of Humanism.

Humanism Course II The Anti-Racist Challenge

This course looks at the best way to understand the natural world, to comprehend truth, to build a just society and to live a good life without relying on supernatural explanations provided by religions. The contemporary state of these efforts will be considered in the context of modern humanism.

Humanism Course III
Ethics and Aesthetics

Humanists think that reason and community are the surest ways to determine individual and communal values. What “reason” is and what “community” means are not always well articulated, however, and finding a fuller articulation of these terms is what this course is about.

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