Religion & Spirituality

The Religion and Spirituality courses explore how humanists approach the big questions of life and death.

Humanism believes in the dignity of individuals and in their right to develop their own individual personalities and potentials in positive ways, free from any constraints that might be imposed on them by such things as religion or political ideologies. How far you, yourself, are a humanist will depend partly on just how you view yourself.

Humanism has a way of making you face a good many questions about the nature of your own self, about your particular beliefs about life, and about your own potential. Human beings are immensely resourceful and resilient and are full of hidden resources that humanism asks to be brought forth. In the first Religion and Spirituality course, we shall explore this humanist view of people — and why religion is rejected by humanists as inhibiting the full development of each individual. In the next course, we shall then look at ideas about an afterlife and humanist rejection of a life beyond death. There will also be attention given to how humanists celebrate the important states of life without religion.

There are currently two courses in this series:

Religion & Spirituality

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