Online Journal Articles on Humanism

Humanism Today, The Journal of the North American Committee for Humanism and its subsidiary, The Humanist Institute, began publishing articles by humanist scholars in 1985 and became the product of a think tank for the annual focus of the Institute’s adjunct faculty. The final volume, Bioethics, appeared in 2006.

Humanism Today:
Volume One

Ethics, Religion, Education, Welfare, Peace, and the State

Published: 1985
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HTvol2_sliderHumanism Today:
Volume Two

The Aesthetics of Humanism: Holiday, Ceremonies, History and Literature

Published: 1986
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HTvol3_sliderHumanism Today:
Volume Three

Science and Humanism:
Cosmos, Creationism, and Artificial Intelligence

Published: 1987
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Humanism Today:
Volume Four

Rethinking Humanism:
History, Philosophy, Science

Published: 1988
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