About Us

The AHA Center for Education strives to provide educational opportunities that serve Humanist and Secular communities. The center offers a wide range of resources designed for Humanist individuals and groups across the spectrum. Our programs take an innovative approach to teaching Humanism, fostering ethical leadership and growing community for the Humanist movement. The center also supports the efforts of the Humanist Society who provides endorsement for humanist Celebrants, Chaplains and Lay Leaders.

Our Perspective

Religious humanists, secular humanists, and atheists can all agree that this life in this world is our central defining focus. Each one of us is responsible for human affairs, other beings, and the resources of our shared planet. We value freedom, reason, and tolerance, and it is our responsibility to develop this heritage for ensuing generations. The AHA Center for Education prepares humanists to promote a democratic world in which every individual’s worth and dignity is respected, nurtured and supported, and where human freedom and behaving responsibly are natural aspirations for us and expectations of one another.


The AHA Center for Education was created in 2018. The center is a joint effort between The Humanist Institute and the AHA to form the most robust educational center serving the growing needs of our humanist community.

The Humanist Institute (THI) operated independently for 35 years focused primarily on providing quality educational opportunities for current and potential humanist leaders. Within the last 10 years, THI expanded to provide online and onsite community programs designed to help individuals learn more about Humanism and its practices.

The AHA, founded in 1941, is an educational organization that currently provides legal assistance to defend the constitutional rights of secular and religious minorities, actively lobbies Congress on church-state separation and other issues, and maintains a grassroots network engaged in social activism, philosophical discussion, and community-building events.

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