Psychology & Humanism

The Psychology and Humanism courses offer an overview of how psychology can turn the “Mystery of Human Nature” into useful tools for self-improvement and success in life.

Throughout the long history of our species, humans have naturally sought answers to the mysteries in their lives — both sweet and sour — but, until quite recently, without much success. In the first course, we will first explain what we mean by scientific psychology, what alternative approaches have been used to try to understand human psychology (and with what success), and why scientific methods have proven best.

In the second course, we take a look at more of those scientific psychology answers in greater depth and explore how students can begin applying this knowledge to gain even greater self-understanding and success in life. These courses will provide ever deeper and more detailed insights into how all humans, including you, function as natural organisms. Those insights should prove not only enlightening but also liberating from any previous supernatural, paranormal, or NEC-based concepts you have about yourself and your universe.

There are currently two courses in this series:

Psychology & Humanism

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