Postive Humanism

Positive humanism is an applied secular humanistic philosophy based on the scientific findings of positive psychology that focuses on personal, professional, and societal flourishing. Positive humanism’s focus is almost entirely on promoting positive humanism and defending it when necessary, but avoiding “attacking” religion (i.e., avoiding making aggressive arguments against religion). Abstaining from all arguments against all aspects of religious belief is not always possible, especially when such arguments are necessary to understand arguments for positive humanism.  As a positive humanist, when I do make such arguments, I am committed to representing the religious argument as accurately as possible and avoiding ridicule or other rhetorical devices that otherwise reasonably offend.

This course is based on Positive Humanism: A Primer by Bo Bennett, Ph.D.

“In his latest book, Positive Humanism: A Primer, Bennett makes a case for the application of science-based humanistic philosophies that establish and promote the positive effect of embracing a secular worldview.” —

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