Humanism During COVID-19

We’re helping people directly confront some of the many challenges and ethical questions presented by the epidemic in a new webinar series that highlights how humanists across the country are taking action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part 1, “How to Connect with Humanist Community” (April 16, below) shares how local group representatives and humanist chaplains are staying connected, supporting each other, and continuing programming despite social distancing.

Part 2, “How to Engage in Mutual Aid” (April 28, below), learns from activists what assistance humanists can offer each other locally and nationally, during and after the pandemic.

Part 3, “How to Live a Good Life” (May 14, below), features a discussion of how our shared humanist values can guide us through these difficult times. We ponder the issues developed and heightened by life during COVID-19 and how we can best respond.

Correction: It was South Dakota’s governor, not North Dakota.