How Can Humanists Travel Ethically?

In 2023, celebrating the AHA Center for Education’s 5th Anniversary, we focused on one of the Ten Commitments each month. For November we explored Global Awareness.

Travelers and tourists have earned a bad reputation, and for a good reason: many behave carelessly and/or unethically as guests in other lands. How can Humanists avoid reinforcing this bad traveler reputation? How can we travel more ethically? Anya Overmann answers these questions and more.

Anya Overmann is a writer, speaker, digital nomad, and human rights activist who was raised Humanist at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. She is Secretary on the Board of the American Ethical Union, former President of Young Humanists International, and works with Atheists United to produce the podcast The Nomadic Humanist. Anya has been living as a digital nomad out of two bags – a backpack and a duffel – for three years and counting and has no home base.