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All online courses require registration. Some resources are free and some have a one-time fee (see below). All paid courses include access to our free Basic Courses & Bringing Humanism Home.

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Level Price  
Basic Courses & Bringing Humanism Home Free. Select
Humanist Parenting $25.00 now. Select
Celebrant Training: Humanist Weddings $75.00 now. Select
Celebrant Training: Memorial Services $75.00 now. Select
Celebrant Training: End of Life Preparations $25.00 now. Select
Celebrant Package: Weddings, Memorials, End of Life $150.00 now. Select
Humanism in Hip-Hop $25.00 now. Select
Political Activism 1 - Lobbying $25.00 now. Select
Political Activism 2 - Campaigns and Voting $25.00 now. Select
Political Package: Political Activism I & II $50.00 now. Select
Humanism and Race $25.00 now. Select
Feminism and Humanism: Women of Color Beyond Faith $25.00 now. Select
Right to Die $25.00 now. Select
Humanism and Pop Culture $25.00 now. Select