Giving Each Day of the Week a Mission

Givena repetitive weekly rhythm of days, you may enjoy coding the week with a daily touchstone, a daily goal that grows through the year. Here is an example: 

MondayMeatless Mondaya day of intentionally not eating meat
TuesdayTidy Tuesdaya day to clean up together 
Wednesday “What’s up?” Wednesdaya day to check in personally and see what’s in the news
ThursdayTasty Thursdaya day to try a new recipe, or taste a new food, watch a kid’s cooking show, or maybe even to travel through cuisine
FridayFridays for Future a day to learn about and stand up for Climate Justice
Saturday Satisfying Saturdaya day to create special and unique plans to meet your needs 
SundaySoothing Sundaya day to nourish and enrich your inner life