Let it be shouted from the rafters that, as culture creators in a humanist framework, you are supportively invited to invent your own celebrations. Here are some guiding thoughts and questions for making Humanist Holidays – or making holidays humanist:

  1. Articulate your family’s values through expressions and actions. Our family values ______, believes in ________, loves _______, and celebrates _________. 
  1. How can we make our celebration GREENER so it is great for the earth as well as for us? For example, how can we minimize waste and even make a positive ecological contribution or influence? 
  1. What do we have to resist and even mourn in this preparation? How can we research or invent new solutions? For example, we may decide to resist using commercial glitter for our art project. That’s a hard thing to give up, but it is terrible for the earth. There are alternatives!
  1. How can we make our celebration HEALTHIER so it brings out the best in everyone instead of landing our family in the sugar blues? Many families who resist sugar on regular days indulge in it during celebrations, setting up a pattern of thought that equates celebrations with indulgence. Creating celebrations that grow and energize us is another choice with incredibly inspiring potential! Process, engagement, research, and community support are the keys to family buy-in.
  1. Creating YOUR humanist spin on commercialized holidays can be very helpful. It offers your family a way to be part of the cultural conversation rather than being left out of it, which is especially important for children.