Augmenting Earth-Values Through “Element Holidays”

Thislesson encourages the process of threading all practices with ecological awareness, conservation, and respect. From International Peace Day in September, aligning with Climate Justice Week in September, to Earth Day in April, the year is really nicely shaped to keep us balanced between our humanity and humanity’s home.

Woven throughout this course is the care of the earth. It moves through all we do intentionally, as humane humans. Holidays augment awareness, reverence, knowledge, and wonder to keep the daily work of values implementation invigorated. You can make holidays for any cause you need highlighted, and celebrate it within your own sphere of influence or a wider community.

The elements of earth are illustrated in the seasons and are wonderful to celebrate: Summer fire, Fall earth, Winter wind/air, and Spring water. With each element, you may engage all your senses, dress up, sing, move as the element, do science explorations, or create a unique menu. A wonderful song for ELEMENT-CELEBRATIONS is: Turn the World Around by Harry Belafonte.

Here are some great resources for nature-based rituals:

Starhawk’s Circle Round:

Judith Berger’s Herbal Rituals:

Byrd Baylor’s I’m in Charge of Celebrations:

Xelena Gonzalez’s All Around Us: