The SMART-Secular Alliance to Help End the Addiction Epidemic

Over more than a quarter-century, the secular community has supported SMART Recovery in helping millions of people overcome addiction with a self-empowering and science-based model. Today, well over 4,000 weekly SMART meetings online and in person are helping individuals and their families recover around the world. Many more meetings are needed as the COVID pandemic has exacerbated an already severe epidemic in addiction and drug overdose deaths. William Greer shared SMART’s ambitious plans for growth based on a new strategic plan and how humanists and other members of the secular community can support these efforts.

William Greer is president of SMART Recovery USA and led them in completing a new strategic plan to bring SMART Recovery meetings to everyone who needs self-empowering and science-based support with an emphasis on diversity, meeting innovation, and increased funding. He began his career at SmithBucklin, North America’s largest association management firm. Greer worked for three decades as a communications executive for the Food Marketing Institute. Over the past eight years, he has volunteered for SMART at every level, leading regular and Family & Friends meetings, serving as a regional coordinator, and helping create an award-winning InsideOut course for correctional facilities. Greer was a founding Board member of SMART Recovery International. He earned an M.S. in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a B.A. with honors from Lawrence University.