JC Cardwell

Humanism fits me.  It expresses my deepest thoughts and feelings about life, about how I live now and how I want to live tomorrow.  Humanism makes living without a god so much more than just living without a god.  It helps me embrace life and humanity in a way that feels like sunshine surrounds my life with just enough rain to make me appreciate what life is all about.  I am so very thankful that I found Humanism and it lead me to the Humanist Studies Program.

I believe the Humanist Studies Program is the backbone of the humanist movement.  It is the voice and spirit of its future.  Only through learning and exploring what being human is all about, only by studying the process of living life together as a community can we make better tomorrows.  It takes a collective, collaborative campaign to develop workable strategies to make this a better place for all humanity, and I see that as one of the primary objectives of HSP.  Only by creating educated, caring leaders who know and understand humanity, will we be able to make a difference and add value and meaning to life for everyone.  But this will only be accomplished if we stand up for what we believe and give a powerful and strong voice to who we are, how we view life, and our compassion for our world community and this beautiful planet we share.