Social Justice: Addressing the Narrative of Fear

We launched our second Open Lecture Series event on Saturday, May 27, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN. Social Justice: Addressing the Narrative of Fear was a conference examining various forms of social oppression and how these cultural prejudices are exploited by the right wing to reinforce the fear narrative. In this FREE course, the conference is presented in eight parts and includes:

Introduction by Kristin Wintermute, The Humanist Institute (now the AHA Center for Education)
Panel Discussion with (pictured below)
– Bobby Joe Champion, Minnesota State Legislator
– Diane Burkholder, Community Organizer and Anti-Oppression Consultant
– Sikivu Hutchinson, Feminist, Atheist, and Author
– Andrea Jenkins, Oral Historian, University of Minnesota
– Desiree Kane, Indigenous Activist, Feminist, & Multi-Media Event Producer
– Sincere Kirabo, Social Justice Coordinator, American Humanist Association
– Ashton Woods, Founder & lead organizer of Black Lives Matter Houston and Co-Chair Black Humanist Alliance
Moderator: Chris Stedman, The Humanist Center


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