Creating a Welcoming Environment for All Ages

A panel of educators, organizers, and parents will discuss how you can support multigenerational events and community opportunities in your humanist group. We’ll also show you what children/family content American Humanist Association is developing.

Sarah Miller serves as Camp Quest’s Executive Director. Camp Quest has been serving non-religious families since 1996, and is now a network of 18 youth camps across the country. Sarah concentrates on providing a fun, enriching, and safe environment for youth and staff.

Kimberly Nyilasi is Director of Ethical Education at the Northern Virginia Ethical Society. Kimberly has been active on a number of NoVES groups/committees. She has been integral to the success of the Sunday School Program, as well as the NoVES Navigators Scouts. She has two children in the Sunday School program. Kimberly is looking forward to bringing her musical talent, creativity and enthusiastic personality to the children of the NoVES Sunday School Program. 

Jocelyn Williamson is a lifelong atheist and Humanist, as well as an endorsed Humanist Celebrant and Invocator. She serves as the President of the Florida Humanist Association and co-founded the Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC). She started a science program with other parents to keep their children engaged in community together. She serves as a Florida Representative for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and State Director for the American Atheists.