Invitation for Feedback

This course aimed to inspire and empower you as a culture creator within your sphere of influence. Whether you are creating the cultural path of your family or your community, the goal is to realize that it’s all in your hands! 

Now that you have browsed or perhaps even worked your way through this course, we invite you to circle back as desired, and to take whatever pathways work for you. Imagine your journey as a lemniscate, or infinity symbol, looping back, across, and through the modules, as questions, needs, and events inspire and as time allows.  This resource is available to you as you need it. Its relevance may spiral into your life, serving you annually as you review and plan. You may use it methodically or impulsively.

Pass it forward to someone who has similar quests on their minds. Remember all walks are welcome, since we are mining Humanism as an inclusive worldview. Please welcome other friends/family of diverse religious traditions to join you in exploring these ideas.

Growth and development are always the work of the humanist endeavor. In light of that, please enjoy offering your authentic feedback about your explorations within this course framework. Share your insights and experiences, also your ideas and resources, by emailing

Here are some questions to help you review this course:

  • Do I feel excited and motivated to create my family/group culture?
  • What new ideas have I collected?
  • In what ways do I feel nourished and supported?
  • What’s my first action inspired by this course?

Finally, goodbyes are ceremonies too – full of traditions, customs, gratitude, and feelings. In closing, put your hands on your heart center, close your eyes, smile in your belly-center, breathe on purpose, and celebrate your humanity. 

Fare thee well, dear course-taker, dear humanist celebrater, dear human being. High Peace.