2021-10-19 - 2021-11-16
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7-8:30pm eastern time


  • Start: 2021-10-19
  • End: 2021-11-16
  • Cost: $125
  • Event Category Further Reflection

Further Reflections are instructor-led, multi-session virtual courses held on Zoom for small discussion groups.

Register $125 for 5-part series running Oct 19, 26, Nov 2, 9, 16

This five-part series of presentations and discussions will focus on what recent discoveries in neuroscience mean for understanding how our minds work, and how such knowledge can help us live with ourselves and others more easily.

We’ll discuss how genes influence behavior, how early life experience becomes ‘gets under the skin’, the difference between fear and anxiety in the brain, how memories falter or become corrupted, how conscience and courage operate, the different types of craving and desire, and the brain processes underlying love and empathy.

There will be substantial readings posted online, and books will be recommended. However the sessions are independent, so you can miss a class and come to the next one without problem.

Register $125 for 5-part series running Oct 19, 26, Nov 2, 9, 16

Dr. Mark Reimers works as a computational neuroscientist: he studies brain function by applying statistical methods to look for patterns in large-scale recordings of brain activity and behavior. He applies these methods to understand normal memory function and shed light on mental illness. Dr. Reimers has worked at the US National Institutes of Health, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and at the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics in Richmond, and now does research and teaches at Michigan State University. His broader aim is to ground our understanding of the mind in the facts of biology.

Dr. Reimers was the leader of the Richmond Humanists in Virginia for five years, and now leads the UU Forum in Lansing, and speaks frequently at humanist and science outreach events in Michigan.