Zoom Webinar
6:30-8pm ET


  • Start: 2023-12-12
  • Cost: FREE

This event is part of our Speaking of Humanism series held December 12, 6:30-8pm ET on Zoom (register here), and recorded to share on our website.

Each day, week, season offers us opportunities to celebrate with loved ones. From small weekly dinners to annual parties, there are many reasons to make more Humanist holidays or make holidays more humanist. Learn and share some ideas and get a sneak peak at our new “Humanist Family Life Ceremonies” online studies course.


Dr. Anne Klaeysen is co-author of AHA’s new Humanist Family Life Ceremonies online course and Leader Emerita (retired) of the New York Society for Ethical Culture. She co-chairs The Encampment for Citizenship board of directors, serves on the board of Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools, and is a member of the American Humanist Association Education Advisory Committee. Anne previously held positions as Humanist Chaplain on the campuses of Columbia University and New York University. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Hebrew Union College and masters degrees in German from SUNY Albany and business administration from NYU. She is Vice President of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, where she was married and raised her two children.