Humanism Today: Volume Four 1988

Rethinking Humanism: History, Philosophy, Science

Table of Contents

Humanism and the Tradition of Dissent, by Edward L. Ericson

Human Dimensions of Twentieth Century Physics, by Jane F. Koretz

The Riddle of Human Evil: Toward a New Theodicy, by Khoren Arisian

Ethical Issues in Technology, by Vern Bullough

Humanism and Human Nature: Recovering the Individual, Harvey B. Sarles

Companionship (A Metaphor Humanism), by Howard B. Radest

Biogenesis, by Lawrence Levine

Person Centered Learning, by Roy R. Fairfield

New Questions from the New Biology, by Jane F. Koretz

HumanistS and Their Values, by Robert B. Tapp

Humanism and Feedom, by Sherwin T. Wine

Euthanasia, by Gerald A. Larue