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Lessons from Preschool: Plan it.  Search it.  Find it.

Togetherness Friendship Flag

Materials needed:  large paper, different colors of finger paint, additional smaller paper

Ask children if they know what a flag is, and then show them one.  Explain that it is a symbol or sign for a country.  It is to remind us to get along and work together.  Tell them they are going to make a flag.

Children can work alone or together to make strips out of their own handprints (you could draw rows for them to fill up with handprints)

When done, give them a smaller piece to continue some finger painting on!

When dry, glue copies of each child’s picture in the area where the stars would be on the flag.

During this activity would a GREAT time to discuss friendship, work together, etc.

Friendship Chain

Materials needed:  several different colors of construction paper some with pre-drawn lines (for cutting) and some without pre-drawn lines, scissors, glue, or tape.

Children cut out strips (either pre-drawn or freehand, depending on ability level)

Show them how to link the chains together

When complete, hang in your home or classroom!

Circle of Friends Sign

Materials needed:  A large piece of sturdy paper with a circle drawn on it; several different colors of finger paint.

Have children make handprints ONLY on the drawn circle

When dry, have the children print their names (as best they can) in the middle

Label your sign “We are a Circle of Friends at Preschool!”

What is a Friend?

Materials:  A large paper to hang on the wall and a marker

Ask children what a friend is and write down all the answers

Then extend it to ask what do friends do for other friends?  Write down the answers

Some things to focus on are:  help each other, say kind words, share toys, etc.

EXTENSION:  Once you’ve listed the items, you can review them the next day at circle time or the beginning of activity time and then take out a puppet to act our some friend scenarios.

For example, have the puppet discuss a “problem” he had with a friend, such as “My friend had a really, really, really bad day.  She was so angry about her day.  When I said hi, she yelled at me.  What should I do?  Should I yell back? etc.

Snack Recipe Ideas to Cook Up for Friendship Theme!

Cooking with children helps to develop math skills and helps them learn how to follow directions.  It also allows for some great conversation!  Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation!  Be sure to ask specific space theme questions while making these fun snacks.

Smiley Apples

Ingredients and items needed:  apple slices and mini-marshmallows

Use 2 apple slices for lips and added a few mini marshmallows in between them for teeth.

Poem to recite before eating a snack from the Girl Scouts:

I have something in my pocket

It belongs across my face.

I keep it very close to me

In a very special place

I try not to ever lose it,

Except once in a great big while

So now I’ll take it out and put it on

It’s a great big happy smile!

Cracker Heart Friendship Snack

Ingredients and items needed: graham crackers, powdered sugar, small construction paper hearts.

Have the child place a heart on their graham cracker square and then sprinkle the powdered sugar on the cracker.

When they remove the paper, they will see a heart!

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