Bringing Humanism Home

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Lesson Plans and Activities that encourage family interaction!


The lesson plans and activities were put together and developed with the idea that parents and children could learn alongside one another about humanism.  The plans and activities are intentionally kept simple–so that families can easily incorporate activities and discussions within their daily lives.

Of course, older children are welcome to use these lesson plans and activities in their own self-guided education.  But younger children will need some guidance and help with materials needed for the majority of the plans.

These lesson plans and activities are also an excellent resource for Secular Homeschooling families and can easily be adapted for a variety of community group settings.

We hope you enjoy!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important things is not to stop questioning. –Albert Einstein

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Self to SelfSelf to OthersSelf to CommunitySelf to EnvironmentSelf to the Future
Involves an individual’s free and disciplined search for personal truth, meaning, and purpose for life.  It involves developing a positive self-concept.Involves respect for the worth and dignity of other individuals and their truths demonstrating the use of the democratic process and developing a sense of reciprocity.Involves the search for insights from great prophets, thinkers, and teachers of every age and tradition in developing social contracts.Involves developing respect for all life and a sense of responsibility for the earth and its resources now and for the future.Involves developing oneself as a citizen of the world, striving for a world community of love, reason, justice and peace.