Outlining The Process Of Taking this Course

This course will inform your festive milestones, as well as your contemplative ones.  It addresses times of celebration and times of sorrow and loss.  Life’s big moments can elicit strong needs and feelings.  In the first lesson, there are tools for embedding deep care practices that can support these moments.  Ultimately, the early lessons till the soil for the later ones.

This course is organized from the personal to the cultural: from the daily to the annual to the occasional, with a development path of familial/community growth and needs in mind.  There will be guiding questions along the way for you to ponder.  You may skip around for guidance on the events you are currently anticipating.  However, the deepest experience is likely to be the proactive deep dive into the course as a whole.  The lessons are organized to support the growth of an ever deepening developmental dynamic that includes creativity, courage, and mindfulness.

Absorbing and figuring out how to apply this material to your life will take time and experimentation, and there is no need to complete the course in one sitting.  Take your time, take notes in a designated journal, and take stretching and water breaks as needed.  You can book mark pages or links for future visits.  Return cyclically or jump into a lesson you are looking for, if needed.