Identifying the Need to Care for Nature

Two Kinds of Cats

Overview: Children will read a poem comparing domestic cats and tigers.  They will use a Venn diagram to make comparisons and relate their findings to the essential questions.  To extend the lesson, children may use the poem as a model to write their own poem or song.

Instructional Goal:  This lesson will help children understand the difference between wild animals and domestic animals and to appreciate how we can live respectfully alongside wildlife.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Interpret information presented through a poem.
  • Identify the theme of a poem.
  • Understand the difference between how wild animals and domestic animals meet their needs.
  • Compare and contrast the different physical, social and behavioral requirements necessary for a tiger and a domestic cat to thrive.
  • Distinguish between harmful and helpful human behaviors towards tigers and cats.
  • Distinguish between positively interacting with cats up close and enjoying tigers from a safe and respectful distance.

Introduce Lesson Target Questions

Write the target question on board or large piece of paper and read it aloud to children.

How are wild tigers and domestic cats the same and different?

How do we show our love for them?

Explain that as children work through this lesson, they will think about these questions.  At the end of the lesson, they will discuss their thoughts about these questions.


Give each child a copy of the Student Magazine.  Have them turn to the poem on page 9.

  • What kind of text is this?
  • What do you think the two kinds of cats are that we will read about in the poem?

Call attention to how the poem is laid out in verse.  Tell children that the bold text tells them they should read the words more forcefully.  Explain that the words are not neatly laid out in sentences like in a story or an article.


Read aloud the poem as children listen and follow along.  Model reading with expression, varying the speed and rhythm of your reading to match the text cues

Read aloud the poem again, this time having children read it with you.