Self to Self

Self-Self-BlueSelf to Self involves an individual’s free and disciplined search for personal truth, meaning, and purpose for life.  It involves developing a positive self-concept.

We start with Self to Self as the key to understanding how one interprets and views not only themselves, but also the world around them.  Being able to identify self gives context for knowing yourself in relation to others, community, nature and the world.  The below lessons allow parents and children to explore and define a sense of self at each age and stage.

 Identity is an individual’s self definition that focuses on enduring characteristics of the self.  In an established identify, the individual is able to explain the origins of these self-defined characteristics and the influences behind those origins.  Complete identity includes a clarification of one’s morals, ethics, and standards, as well as commitment to a future occupation.  Many development theorists see identity development as a means for an individual to explain the present as a bridge from the past to the future.

Ray Brogan, The Gale Group,