Humanism Course II The Anti-Racist Challenge

The Anti-Racist Challenge

From the time of the ancients, humans have sought the best way to understand the natural world, to comprehend truth, to build a just society and to live a good life without relying on supernatural explanations. These ruminations, however, have not always included visions by, and for, all lives. Holding in tension this Ancient wisdom with contemporary scholarship, we will examine present-day Humanist epistemological parameters of anti-racist strategies and efforts—with emphases on embodiment, affect, and relationality.

In addition to considering the philosophical stances and basic processes that lead us to this knowledge and understanding, we will review important advances in the human sciences that generate concepts of varied identity-based aspects of the ‘Human.’ The purpose of this course is to give the students a solid grounding in the methods and current theories of the manner in which race is handled in Humanist efforts shaping the world. Emphasis will be given to areas, such as race, that directly impact our understanding of the human condition and suggest possible approaches to solving problems facing humanity today from an intersectional frame of analysis.