Tuition for the Humanist Studies Program is charged on a per-credit basis. Below is information on need-based scholarships for Certificate students and institutional aid for MALS students.

2019/2020 Rates                             $845 per credit hour

Humanism Course I: The Nature of Being Human


Humanism Course II: Knowledge, Truth and Humanist Epistemologies


Humanism Course III: Ethics and Aesthetics


Capstone Course





The AHA Center for Education offers need-based scholarships for students enrolled HSP certificate program.  Each year, AHA Center for Education may award scholarships based on demand and annual budget.

Award Determination Process

The AHA Center for Education determines awards based on some or all of the following criteria in no order of priority:

  • Financial need (to include, but not limited to)
  1. Partnership Status
  2. Dependents
  3. Adjusted Gross Income
  • Outside assistance from other humanist organizations
  • Outside assistance from other institutions, including lending institutions
  • Personal and career goals and objectives

All applications are reviewed by the Education Committee.  A completed application is required to qualify for a scholarship.

Meadville Lombard Institutional Aid

Meadville Lombard is able to offer MALS students need-based institutional aid in the form of a percentage of reduction of the tuition charge in effect at the time.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a MALS program at least half-time.  They must also submit the Tuition Reduction Request form by the Priority Deadline I (January 15) and II (February 15).

Federal Loans

Any student who is enrolled at least half-time in a graduate degree program at Meadville Lombard, who is in good academic standing with the school, and who is a citizen of the United States may also be eligible to receive federal student loans.

For more information on Meadville’s Institutional Aid and Federal Loans